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Crafting foods with integrity is our passion

 We started our coconut journey in 2007 after Renee started to regain her health from a life threatening illness.

Our Plant based Cultured Coconut soft serve is made from fresh pressed coconuts.. We press the coconuts into cream then culture the coconut cream to perfection and add amazing nutrient dense superfood ingredients to bring you this delicious plant based soft serve . 

With a delicate balance of prebiotics and probiotics

We use all organic ingredients, no refined sugars, non dairy, non gmo, and gluten free. We are also a nut free facility.

Order our Cultured  Coconut soft serve in sustainable coconut shell bowls or Gluten free scratch made waffle cones or bowls. 

Our beautiful coconut bowls are sustainable and reusable. Collect a set of 4 or more. 

Delicious Treats



Coconutz has developed  the first organic cultured coconut soft serve to hit the market. 

We crack open our coconuts daily and cold press the coconut meat. We then culture the cream to perfection in small batches to preserve the delicate balance of probiotics. We take this base and add delicious carefully selected ingredients. 

Add superfood toppings of your choice.

fruits in season - Blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwi, 

superfood toppings - cacao syrup caramel date syrup, strawberry syrup, toasted coconut butter, un-granola, pity, blue magik spiralina, Whipped coconut cream.


  • Plain Coconut™
  • Vanilla bean™
  • Chocolate Cacao™
  • Glacier Mint Chip™
  • Super Berry blast™
  • Salted Caramel™
  • Caramel Mocha Latte™
  • Chai™
  • Matcha™
  • Lemon crème™
  • Cappachino™ 
  • Chili pepper Cacao™
  • Tahini Maca ™

We sweeten our cultured coconut soft serve with coconut sugar, agave, cassava or stevia.


  • Pink Unicorn Smoothie
  • Ginger Mango Peach Smoothie

Come Find Us


Look for our mobil Coconut Trailer at a festival or gathering near you.


Current Locations booked

  • 3/30 Indy VegFest, Indiana
  • 4/6 Nashville VegFest, Nashville TN
  • 4/27 Veg Life DesMoines, Des Moines,  Iowa
  • 5/4 Tulsa VegFest, Tulsa, OK
  • 5/5-5/6 Baker Creek Planting Festival, Mansfield, MO
  • 5/10 Food Truck Friday, Carthage, MO
  • 5/18 Cincy VegFest, Cincinnati, OH
  • 6/7 VegFest KC, KC, MO
  • 6/14  Food Truck Friday, Carthage, MO
  • 7/27 VegFest Colorado, Broomfeild, CO
  • 7/13  Food Truck Friday, Carthage, MO
  • 9/7 OKC VegFest, Okalohma City, OK
  • 9/21 MO Food Truck Fest, Springfield, MO
  •  10/5 Lexington Kentucky VegFest, Lexington, KY
  • 10/13 St LouisVegFest, St Louis, MO
  • 10/19-20 SO CAL VegFest , Orange County CA
  •  11/2 Dallas VegFest, Dallas, TX

Stay tuned..... more to come

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Our Waffle cones and bowls are gluten free and vegan friendly

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Coconutz by Renee™

817 W. Arnold Wallen Way, Stockton, MO 65785, US

(800) 906-3064


Monday - Friday: Call anytime and leave a message

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